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January 2016 - Bijou Collective

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Zenefits: Your HR Hassles Are Solved

Zenefits: Your HR Hassles Are Solved

Many small business owners try to pinch pennies by managing every aspect of their administrative functions “in house”, even as their business grows large enough to bring on employees.

From organizing new hire paperwork, to running payroll, to managing health insurance coverage and compliance with state and federal labor laws, there’s a tremendous number of details to be keeping track of – details which will absorb both your time and your creative bandwidth.

Remember: although I don’t advocate throwing down your money for every shiny object that crosses your path, every choice you make also has an opportunity cost – and when you factor in the value of your time and your energy, sometimes the opportunity cost of the “cheapest” solution ends up being more expensive in the long run.

Enter Zenefits – a new all-in-one dreamboat solution for small business owners. Zenefits provides small business support for almost every aspect of HR management: employee recruitment, new hire paperwork, ongoing support for payroll and benefits, taxes and compliance.

Many of Zenefits services are completely free of charge to their clients; additional à-la-carte options are reasonably priced for the value they provide.

I encourage anyone running a small business, whether you have one employee or many: don’t feel like you have to be everything to everyone, just to save a dime. Allow yourself the ease and support that comes with outsourcing your administrative functions.

This will not only free up your energy to continue your big picture visioneering, it also provides you with a measure of protection by ensuring – when it comes to compliance with employment laws – that every i has been dotted, and every t has been crossed.

Has anyone tried Zenefits? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!