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May 2016 - Bijou Collective

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Making Time For Your “Great Work”

Making Time For Your “Great Work”

A friend and I were recently discussing an eternal conundrum: why, when we’ve given advice to clients and we’ve seen how our suggestions have helped them immensely, do we still find places where it’s hard to follow our own advice?

I’ve noticed a common pattern playing out for my clients: even when they have an idea or project burning on their heart, and they manage to carve out time in addition to their existing work and family obligations to make progress on their project – somehow, the time just seems to vaporize with little to no progress being made from one work session to the next.

Sound familiar?

With a little reflection, I realized the pattern was familiar to me, too – and that I was falling into the very same pitfalls as my clients.

The repercussions of not swallowing my own medicine in this case has been that I often “don’t have time” – or at least THINK that I don’t have time – to write as much as I’d like, both for business and for pleasure. Writing is what I consider my “great work”, that thing which smacks of destiny and purpose, so it’s fairly inexcusable for me not to be doing more of it.

After my “aha moment” I decided there was only one thing to do: organize the advice I give my clients into a self-directed course – Making Time For Your Great Work – and then put myself on the hook for following my own program!

I’ll be publishing the course soon, so please stay tuned. Better yet, make sure you’re signed up for my Love Letters, and you’ll hear from me the moment the booklet goes live.