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Bijou Podcast Coming Soon

Bijou Podcast Coming Soon

I am excited to announce one of the newest features we will be unveiling in the new year: a podcast series featuring some of the amazing changemakers we’ve had the privilege of knowing and serving here at Bijou Collective.

Whether artists, activists, thought leaders or social entrepreneurs, our lineup of interviews is sure to inspire you to lace up your boots, harness your passions and get to work.

I can’t lie to you, 2017 is sure to be a wild year with a lot of hard work ahead – but that’s all the more reason why it’s crucial to build a community and support network for New Progressives. I hope the Bijou Podcast will play a role in keeping the wind in your sails and the fire in your heart.

To tune into the podcast, check this space again in early 2017 – or better yet, make sure you’re signed up to receive your Love Letters, and you’ll be the first to know when the podcast goes live!