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October 2017 - Bijou Collective

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Essential Resources for Women Small Business Owners

Essential Resources for Women Small Business Owners

October is National Women’s Small Business Month, a chance to recognize and celebrate the 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the US.


While the 45% increase in the number of women-owned businesses in the US since 2007 is a cause for celebration, women still face gender-specific challenges when setting up their own businesses, from defying social expectations and owning their accomplishments to achieving the right work-life balance.


The essential resources listed here will help women small business owners find the support and community they need to develop and grow their businesses.



There are a number of organisations and communities set to encourage, empower and help women business owners in the US and all around the world:



Co-working spaces have traditionally been male-dominated environments, but women-only spaces have been popping up everywhere to empower women entrepreneurs and welcome them into a community based on support over competition. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, and co-working spaces are a fantastic way to meet other like-minded women who will inspire you, encourage you to accomplish even more and celebrate your big wins. Here are some fantastic female-focused co-working spaces built around a strong community in the US and abroad.



There are many useful blogs run by women who want to share their experience, tips and advice on setting-up, growing and successfully running your business. Great for various tips and tricks!



Who doesn’t love an honest podcast full of inspiration and advice for a good start to the day? The podcasts listed below focus on the challenges of setting up and running your business as a woman without ever being patronising or condescending.



Women entrepreneurs can often find themselves isolated. This is especially true for those who are in the early stages of starting a business or can’t afford to rent a desk space to get out of the house and meet other professionals. Meetups are a great way to meet other women who are facing the same challenges and can offer advice and support, or even just to have a relaxing chat. Here are some of the best groups for women small business owners on MeetUp:



If you can’t make meetups offline, Facebook groups offer a good alternative. You can take part in discussions, give and receive advice and support as part of a community of like-minded women ready to take their businesses to the next level. Here are some of the most popular groups for women entrepreneurs on Facebook:



Alternatively, LinkedIn groups can also be a good way to grow your network while getting advice from fellow female small business owners willing to share their experience. Join one of these groups to get started: